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Primary school learners who learn English as a second language can often struggle as certain rules from their native language may conflict with English. To help your child understand the nuance of English, they need to have to be taught differently to first language students.

If you want your child to master English as their second language, you have to ensure they learn not only how to speak it but to read, write and understand the various rules governing the language.

Cambridge textbooks provide a range of international standard English second language textbooks ideal for primary school level. These textbooks will give your child a foundational understanding of spelling, grammar and more.

You can purchase Cambridge Method textbooks for English second language students online. Shopping with Technical Books, you can also have these and many more textbooks shipped to you across South Africa.

Cambridge Assessment International Education CAIE

Cambridge Global English Stage 6 Activity Book 9781107626867

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Cambridge Assessment International Education CAIE

Cambridge Grammar and Writing Skills Learner’s Book 6

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