Sell us your books / Buy used books


How it works

  1. Search for the book(s) you want to sell us on our site.  Confirm that it is / they are listed on our site.  While our stocklist is not exhaustive, we are currently only purchasing books we list on the site.
  2. Complete the ‘Sell us your copy of this book’ link with all required information on each product page below the ‘Add to Cart” button.
  3. We will be in contact within 48 hours.
  4. We will send a courier to collect the book(s).
  5. We will currently only purchase books in the following condition:
    1. As New (AN) means that the book is in the state that it would have been in when it left the bookshop / supplier.
    2. Fine (F) is “as new” but allowing for the normal effects of time on a book that has been used. A fine book shows no damage, pen, pencil, highlighter marks, marks of any nature and has no missing content.
    3. Very good (VG) describes a book that is worn but untorn.  Some pen, pencil or highlighter marks but no missing content.
  6. Our decision regarding the condition of the book(s) when received is final and should books we collect not be in the above condition, the seller will have to collect them within seven days.
  7. We will pay you 40% of the selling price on at the time of our purchase of your book(s), thirty days after we collect your book(s) OR We will credit you 50% of the selling price on at the time of our purchase of your book(s), seven days after we collect your book(s), against your next order.
  8. Ensure you understand the condition of the used book you purchase before completing your transaction as they are not returnable based on their condition.