IGCSE Business Studies 9780340926499


IGCSE Business Studies third edition is a student-friendly Business Studies textbook covering all the components of the latest Cambridge IGCSE syllabus.
It contains up-to-date case studies drawn from international businesses and all examples are carefully selected from relevant business situations to illustrate concepts and theories.
– All aspects of the syllabus content are covered in a straightforward way, assuming no prior familiarity with the subject.
– Key terms are simply defined.
– Diagrammatic revision summaries help students to organise learning and exam preparation.
– Units are short and manageable and information is easy to find.
– An interactive approach, through frequent thinking points, activities and discussion themes, helps to reinforce understanding.
– There is practical guidance for organising independent study.
– Study skills and examination technique are supported by thorough commonsense advice from the examiners.
– Revision questions at the end of every chapter provide systematic examination preparation.

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